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Gary Komarow




Gary’s 30+ years of Information Technology experience span a variety of industries, organizations and platforms.  He is a high-performing project manager, with a special focus on acquisition, integration and deployment of complex systems, data center management, and technology operations.  He is an excellent teacher and mentor and enjoys getting things done.



Project Management


Extensive experience leading projects and advising project managers.  Recent projects include a large telecommuting program, Pandemic planning, several business continuity efforts, build-out of an alternate data center and a program to reduce printing costs at a local insurance provider.  


Gary has managed a $29 million infrastructure rollout for a local utility, Active Directory projects for a bank and an insurance company, development of IT performance metrics for a large health insurer, numerous hardware and software acquisition/deployment efforts, application development projects, mergers, consolidations and outsourcing, and many product upgrades and conversions.


He is familiar with a number of project management methodologies and has contributed to the development of several Project Management Offices.


Information Technology Management


Focused on technical, organizational and operational issues.  Skilled at defining processes, selecting and implementing tools, fine tuning structures and working with people.  Adept at interviewing, hiring and mentoring.



Systems Architecture and Design


Assisted with the design and deployment of numerous large network and client/server infrastructures.  Contributions included product and architectural decisions, developing and setting standards, network design, server implementation and configuration, systems management and software distribution.  Focused on getting the most out of technology and successfully integrating disparate systems and processes.


Familiar with a variety of operating systems, networks and middleware products on a number of platforms, to include Microsoft’s Windows platforms and IBM’s mainframe OS.  Substantial hands-on systems administration experience and a proven history of establishing policies and procedures to assist others.


Experienced with hardware and software selection, procurement, implementation, tuning and support.



Application Design, Development and Acquisition


Experience designing, implementing and supporting application and technical systems in a variety of languages and on a variety of platforms.  Managed and/or consulted with numerous application development and systems integration projects.  Led a number of informal and RFP-based product selection efforts.


Conceived, developed and marketed a production turnover / change management application.  The application was subsequently sold to Computer Associates and is still marketed under the name PanAPT.



Professional Experience


Established Directed Technology in February 1994 to assist clients with implementing and managing technology and optimizing the activities of their IT organizations.


Co-founded Technology Management Group in 1985 with four peers.  Held management, corporate officer and technical positions to support the company's growth to 120 consultants.  In 1996 the firm was acquired by Ciber.


Managed application development and maintenance teams, a mainframe operations group and various projects for businesses and government agencies from 1976 to 1985.  Designed, developed and supported application systems in a variety of languages.



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